Robots swarming all over the place

It wasn’t that long ago that Wolfgang Grulke published a MindBullet about networked robots swarming all over one’s house and garden.

Now the European Union-funded Symbrion programme is spending big money to develop exactly that – small sugar-cube sized robots that join together to overcome obstacles and accomplish tasks. Take a look a t the video on ITN:

Robots of the future

This of course has far reaching applications and implications if the technology is developed to its logical conclusion, just like the ‘spiders’ in Minority Report.

In the Symbrion project’s own words,"[we envisage] artificial robotic organisms become self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimising and self-protecting from both hardware and software perspectives. This leads not only to extremely adaptive, evolve-able and scalable robotic systems, but also enables robot organisms to reprogram themselves without human supervision and for new, previously unforeseen, functionality to emerge."

But most of the usefulness will probably be for things that benefit the average human – like unblocking drains and finding survivors in collapsed building, don’t you think?

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